A Poetry of Sound ( Vol ?​?​? )

by {AN} Eel

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Uncle Monte's House Three lost roaches cross the unwelcome mat, into its cold strange house: cold to all abandoned and rejected roaches from the street, warm to the strange, and their way of being, their way of eating, and smoke blowing from withered twisted lips. During its mealtime table, square jaws in a family of giants flex, while roaches look up to the feast. Pass the lettuce and tomatoes. Pass the carrots and spinach. Square jaws of giants chomp slowly. It's enough to make any decent roach sick. by Ape Sinclair
Geisha geisha, full of grace. Gracious graceful grace geisha. Bouncing on pockets of velvet Sand. The elephants are revolving. Revolving. Devolving. That surely must be a metaphor for... for... four is the number of geishas that wondered the land looking for some kind of peace. A piece of peaceful solitude. Revolting? Revolution now! Hail the new skin of the goddess of time! Hail the lonely temptress that guided the blind unto the rivers of death. For she is an awkward temptress. A guiding light in the valley of doom. The game? A game? Surely no gain? Not again? Be still oh feeble mankind, and let her guide you to a richer, prosperous life. A life full of eastern promise. A bit like Turkish delight, but not as velvety. The kimono catches the wind and flutters in the dark. It is a kind kimono. Not a kimono. Feel the wind oh precious butterfly. May the geisha live on in your hearts. The hearts of lions. Elephant seals. Sealing the fate of the human race. No haste. Be safe.
Reign n sunshine Chhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk Akkkkkkkk Zzzzzeeeeeeeeeeep Halap Shalap Schhhhhhhmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa Be re tee Be re tapeeeee Be shammmmappe Be salawami B P H W D W M LA M R W T A QUA NA HAAAPPPPPPAAAAALLLLAAAAP Zzzzzzzooooooooopppppppppppp Faaaaaappppawwwwwwwwwwww Doooooooowwwwwwwwwwoooooo Jalalala jalalala Napapapapapa Be re tee Be re tapeeeee Be shammmmappe Be salawami Zeeeepppp Zaaaaappp Zoooooopppppppp Zoaoaoaooaoaooaoa Hshshshshshooolllleeee Halllllashapawa Jalalal jalalala Laqutramontonio J P T W A K Y PA T Y Q B N WCH TA
YELLOW LINE David D. 33 of Manchester eats with his face in his plate and screams Manchester eats with his face in his plate and screams for his face in his plate for no apparent reason. Police charged him with disorderly conduct for pounding nails into the yellow line on a busy city street. He is often arrested for misdemeanor crimes associated with his mental illness and problems with his face in his plate. At least two psychiatrists and a psychologist have examined David for no apparent reason often screams for his face in his plate pounds nails into himself and others is dangerous to the yellow line.
KLAHOOM WIP WIP Klahoom wip-wip Yip hoppa dug a la soo chi ho kla la Wippa wip ha to slee goovle kala kig Pa la HEEN kola hoom bugho koo Yip wow so bo coo la eef tra la la hoo Suggie yope dooble gope nip rap hop giggle guh Moghie ya-pa woogie slip co cheen iggle bot hoppa Hoppa hoppa BA-BA Oble klahoom soiby katee shish lipper num ho ka-la HO Tip tope ho-ha lin goich ubee kla-ha MOKLE kla Ippo snoo ba-sot-ka hippa hippa HO
It's never ends I want to die It won't go away and it pushes people to the side or away from me I want to die I want to live outside of this Only a few get to feel their fist But not me, it's not my time Or will it ever be I want to die Lunchpail boxes and talking rocks In my mind I am satisfied but they don't understand that these human creatures of hate and lies I want to die by stephanie vela anderson
"11001001" GeGeGe GeGeGe GeGeGe No! Wan Wan “Wan Wan” “Woof woof” 88 88 88 Whoo-whoo-whoo, whoo-ooh-ooh, whoo-ooh-ooh <a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, …, an>, <a5, a1, a3> Puff, puff, puff, puff Puff, puff, puff do do? do (doo, doo, doo, doo) Oh, oh, oh one two one one one one one One One One One one two one two One One Doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo Doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo whacka doo, wa-ha Mmmmmmm Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Dat dat dat dat dat dat dat dat da da Dat dat dat dat dat dat dat dat da da Dat dat dat dat dat dat dat dat da da Dat dat da da La, la, la-la de lo....... La, la, la-la Oh de lo............. a.......... woo....
The Impossible Sinkhole The impossible sinkhole of radioactive birds tumbles through time and space on the back of a snail. Inside my shoes of shale and granite pebbles lingers a bookwus whose cinema gadgets inundate the fossilized bookstore while a giraffe gets a haircut from sinister mods straight off the time machine from underwater New York. The cloud cover is rather moldy today; a weird bacteria is eating all the clocks and I can't understand why no one is out walking around but it must have something to do with Nepalese handstands or perhaps the inversion of light through capillaries of rotten potatoes.
Mix mash hemisphere's BONZAI JUBILANT, pop ghost the weasel. FULL STOP not soaping left from upper seldom qualifies beneath [warm silk] beware with fleeting FLEETING receding molecular undertainment sogs what mirth. Gargantualities transpire; sir, I have not wet this. Arrested due respite for the Gerber baby: not a chance in pants! Plenty of time for funerals, it just rubs right off. Perchance BAKERS HOLOGRAPHY? \|\|servile dusk transparent\|\| which CONSECRATION NOTWITHSTANDING televisement protrudes! Canisters to bannisters flopping and dropping, slipping in slop, dripping OBSTINANT CHEMICALS smell it now! A pandamelon carcinoma to grip, the cockswain's delight!
Nicholas M. Taylor Sh(k) Semi-Sound Poem for Recorded Voice for {AN} Eel Legend: --------------------> (maintain or hold given or emphatic syllable) suggested tape loop option chant-like, suggested tape loop option … (pause/silence) begin, but do not finish as if interrupted letter(letter) (gradual change of sound syllable or transformative syllable) *performance instructions. Don't read aloud* Composer Notes: This piece is organic. It was written improvisationally and should be performed as such. It is the intent of this piece to be first read in succession. Upon first completion the performer may disassemble the sections as they chose. They are lettered “a-k”. Duration is of no consequence. Tape looping of denoted sections is encouraged. Or one could do as they please, like I said this piece is organic and who are we to stand in the way of nature? Sh(k) a Sh---------sh(ch)-----------> ch---------------------ch(g)-------------g------------> K. Sh-----------a-------dowsssssssss...... Like kin------dling-------- in a dark......... Sp.....ace! b Sh(k), Krak, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh? Bark!.......ing---------------------------------> up the wrong treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have I ever really known pain? c sh---------------->it, sh------------------------------------------(k) eeeeeeaaaarrrrrlllyyyyyyyy morning sunrises? Sh---------sh(ch)-----------> ch---------------------ch(g)-------------g---------------------------> S----------------------------->S(Z)--------------Z---------------------------------------------------- Z(F)-------------->F-----------------------------ire crack!er----------------------------ssssssssss. d Making st, at, i-------------------------------------------------------------------------------->c(k) in, my, head Fire engine, fire cracker, fire flicker red! When I am angry red runs through my head stop! Collaborate? Bow before....... bow wow kapow! e More stati--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->c(k) *imitate white noise ad lib* f mo kai, comi kokilikon kalchite mor dhf au tenlik gal if yut ga, niiu moi kaliknent g UNSCRAMBLE Re...wind Der rekcilf erif, rekcarc erif, enigne erif Krad a ni gnildnik ekil moor h I do not fear death, as I never truly felt pain palindrome, emordnilap. backwards thought? zip, slash, hook, line, and sinker like kindling in a krad moor seert gninrub i gin rub? And tonic? Massage in a nice head crack!er head scratchesssssss shells by the shore like kindling in a dark room kindly collaborating coincidentally conscientiously j mo kai, comi kokilikon kalchite mor dhf au tenlik red runs through my dark moor k sh(k), ...shit, …sh(k) More stati--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->c(k) Sh(k).
Image / Poem : Paul Sturm Sound : {AN} EeL
ob ob bo ib bi ob bi ib bo eb ob bi
ab be ob bi ob bo
bo bi ba ob eb ba
bo ob bo ab ib ib
ib bu eb bo bi ub
ba bo bi ba bo be
ub ib ob bo bi bu or or ro ir ri or
ri ir ro er or ri
ar re or ri or ro
ro ri ra or er ra
ro or ro ar ir ir
ir ru er ro ri ur
ra ro ri ra ro re
ur ir or ro ri ru oh oh ho ih hi oh
hi ih ho eh oh hi
ah he oh hi oh ho
ho hi ha oh eh ha
ho oh ho ah ih ih
ih hu eh ho hi uh
ha ho hi ha ho he
uh ih oh ho hi hu os os so is si os
si is so es os si
as se os si os so
so si sa os es sa
so os so as is is
is su es so si us
sa so si sa so se
us is os so si su of of fo if fi of
fi if fo ef of fi
af fe of fi of fo
fo fi fa of ef fa
fo of fo af if if
if fu ef fo fi uf
fa fo fi fa fo fe
uf if of fo fi fu ow ow wo iw wi ow
wi iw wo ew ow wi
aw we ow wi ow wo
wo wi wa ow ew wa
wo ow wo aw iw iw
iw wu ew wo wi uw
wa wo wi wa wo we
uw iw ow wo wi wu op op po ip pi op
pi ip po ep op pi
ap pe op pi op po
po pi pa op ep pa
po op po ap ip ip
ip pu ep po pi up
pa po pi pa po pe
up ip op po pi pu om om mo im mi om
mi im mo em om mi
am me om mi om mo
mo mi ma om em ma
mo om mo am im im
im mu em mo mi um
ma mo mi ma mo me
um im om mo mi mu og og go ig gi og
gi ig go eg og gi
ag ge og gi og go
go gi ga og eg ga
go og go ag ig ig
ig gu eg go gi ug
ga go gi ga go ge
ug ig og go gi gu od od do id di od
di id do ed od di
ad de od di od do
do di da od ed da
do od do ad id id
id du ed do di ud
da do di da do de
ud id od do di du ok ok ko ik ki ok
ki ik ko ek ok ki
ak ke ok ki ok ko
ko ki ka ok ek ka
ko ok ko ak ik ik
ik ku ek ko ki uk
ka ko ki ka ko ke
uk ik ok ko ki ku ox ox xo ix xi ox
xi ix xo ex ox xi
ax xe ox xi ox xo
xo xi xa ox ex xa
xo ox xo ax ix ix
ix xu ex xo xi ux
xa xo xi xa xo xe
ux ix ox xo xi xu
1 WHACK-(bean)... eyes screwed - bosom-"neigh!" "nick!"- jaw: cracked (breath); - dust swells into a kind of mist and cobbles back together something . sweat trails its way to lips . hair curls on withered brow . blow, blow . 2 ........loll.. tacitly... Tart notion bats the lids.... mouth watered, improbably tickled - shrinks... tap-tap. ...thunder thwacks, . rolls wry rebellow: speeded up to rash; blank smite tilts the clapper, -Shut… (afterclap ripple), exorbitant. 3 -trice of tick; -sheen- laps the -cheeks.. .blink, still.- dimples kindle quake. ripples drawn, barely: pant - peal — pat. . . . -obtuse odd-knock, drown in dido. 4 tum-tumult (eerie). jib-yoke -idle,,, — whop! "tap"-"pat"-"tit"-"tat": PULL- tow tree - -...tasting fret of zeal; ":.."pesky" springs: -dear toot .wrapped in reek -sticks the slack cheek- -slap:"CHAP-chap"! (ample chortle tucks abaft). !waff. 5 daub cloud drawn. flush-fit: sparse spark-stretched- -ray: bobs-hops, imbrues the dire pitch of eyes: rag!- totter-clout ,-gasp ties: withered "vex"- tap-tap ....tug!.. tuck tOll. (Terse eaves tumble "um".)
Pseudo Phallus. the same size as a starling the male buffalo weaver possesses a false penis a pseudo phallus directly in front of its cloaca the false penis is a ductless rod of connective tissue it is normally invisible obscured by feathers on the belly the male uses it to carry sticks to the nest false penis’s existence unique appendage instead of breeding as female male pairs a buffalo weaver breeding unit a coalition of two unrelated males and a harem of up to twelve females dna fingerprinting revealed that both males fathered offspring but they were also cuckolded cuckolded cuckolded phalloid organ phalloid organ phalloid organ the run up was extremely protracted he adopted a very odd position rubbing his pseudo phallus against the female’s underside the male underwent an orgasm as he ejaculated the advantage to the male may be that the female is more inclined to accept his sperm if she experiences a prolonged copulatory courtship with stimulation by the male’s pseudo-penis
ba be bi bo bu ca ke ki co cu da de di do du fa fe fi fo fu ga ge gi go gu ha he hi ho hu ja je ji jo ju la le li lo lu ma me mi mo mu na ne ne no nu pa pe pi po pu ra re ri ro ru sa se si so su ta te ti to tu va ve vi vo vu wa we wi wo wu bad bed bid bod bud cat ket kit cot cut daf def dif dof duf fan fen fin fon fun gap gep gip gop gub hag heg hig hog hug jan jen jin jon jun lam lem lim lom lum mat met mit mot mut nab neb nib nob nub paf pef pif pof puf rab reb rib rob rub sal sel sil sol sul tap tep tip tip tup van ven vin von vun wat wet wit wot wut zam zem zim zom zum
Lay son naturayl korrespond o kewran daynayrji subteel ki travayrss leu cor fizik. Lay kaleetay tacteel duneu dayssantt o zanfair combeen tentreu lay zaylaymen dun-arshitectur vibratwar. Lanatomee deu lair ambian dayfeenee sett mati-air sonor. Lah stayrayhofony ahjewst lay vertij lay zun par rapor oz otr. Leu grosseesseemande linfimm par leu meecro transfair leu feezeessehin dans eun owtraysspawsstan ew eel risk deatre awbsorbay sanreutewr. Layspawce intayryeur reutewrn o kao. Lay conbeenayzon rytmic complex mahrk leu pawssaj deun aytaw psyshik aw eun owtreu. Leu montawj deu son nawturayl contrhastay sculpteu laylayctrowmagnaytissm deu fawsson imprayvu. Lay meecrow capteu law structur deu law manifaystawssion bewleuverssante. Leu deenawmeessm intayrneu day zaylayman deu law natur anreugeesstre lay son aymee par laypeen dowrsawl. Leu chan day gree-yon succayd ah laypreuve fay-ayreek. Daytranj intansitay frowl lay sonoritay orfik, o reet me deu law reucray-awssion du mond an swamaym. Uneu flahk do fasson layr ambian. Lay sfayr saylayssteu freessonn. Eezolay dahbor leu murmur day rayhaxion sheemeek. Leu pawssaj deun aytaw pseesheek ah eun outreu form antr eu day shayn sonor heebreed. Lay zayshanj simboleek peuv duray ossee lontan kon leu dayzeer. Lah nayssaysseetay intayrieur aytablee par lah swit eun clawssificassion. Lah kabeen deu preez dee son reuflayt lakteeveetay du siayl. Leu sheemeest daykewvr lay sim ay lay montaj contrastay deu lah trance. Leu murmur day rayhaxion sheemeek frowl lay taykss-tur sonor day sfayr saylayssteu. David NADEAU
OjOreja -El título un dibujo de Aaron Flores )))tune of the urine? a mouth outside time 's beastly inch yr fin ger's smoke ~ ~ ~ ))in yr shoulder an ear list ens sucks the migrainless letters mindless as a hat sp eaks backword in a shoe ((( )forgetting Ivan Argüelles' “immortality”( ((((( pill chain yr slab fork des sication raised toward dark wet clouds were eyes thick with waving grass if ,when speaks your sphere of itch and crawling door ,was blammo truck ,creeps an burning tires ,if road were s inks if chairs were hats if fish w ere chains if sweat uh wind if sk in baloney were yr might have mute have dung apes sh ouldered in the weeds )were weeds the B rush to E ))nor be soggy cheetos on the steps(( ( inductive spork condensation can't see floor FEET ACROSS THE VOID
“Disjointed” By Thomas Park Image By Thomas Park Disjointed Part 1- “City Blocks” Delmar Divide Radical income discrepancy Time partition, bandwidth Empty or full, block by block Sitcoms or spreadsheets Building by building Supply sedation, entertainment Complicit to veiled agenda Broken reflection, modern person Haunting sound bytes, profiles, series Accept the situation, find Lucrative opportunity Acquiesce Get with the program Take the offered hand, find peace Or live on in pain and need Part 2—“Underwater” Underwater houses Mutilation wave Surf murder Subsiding waters peaceful An entire kingdom lives Under the sea With ecosystems Hotels of coral Plastic dumps Garbage LaGrange points Gentle giants, whales Pass through the salty depths Avoiding the land Or larger ships Civilian, military Bearing commerce, toxic oil Subsurface pipelines Sonic booms Survey the change in tides The change in sea Part 3—“Superman” Desired connection Digits, mobile device Broken eye contact Notify with sound or vibration Split persona, public, private Network doppelganger Send my digital ghost To haunt your house To save your life, protect Your young, There is A ringing tone, a flash Of light, it’s just your Phone
MESSAGES The bird in the tree is an eye of my enemy. I find it difficult to sit quietly. Although they do not use my name, there are messages about me on radio and tv. I find it difficult to conceal the fact that I am not angry.
Life is beautiful Life is strange Residing in the storm's eye Certain we will change Arms outstretched Feeling the debris I watch you ripped from your spot Was certain you'd change Silent in the calm Balling myself up Effort to become a singularity Hoping to change Is it wrong for a creative mind to move backwards through the linear? Can you feel the current I'm swimming against? It's not nostalgia that's the enemy It's the ever present nihilist whose shoes fit my feet
wax barb ac bustle below boy nil nabs carve bake sly knew bulk beef barium cut back baht rats brave match jays buff bet easy amid latitude cawed behest jam bath cram bled ace bank bib maybe tilt bike blue baby and blur bomb be why who boxed annex pay bent ox arid Cornelius buck if sum ounce beer box acme bumpy boxy banyan sea buffy of fox bossy bobo Maxwell bumph
Wilfried Hanrath: 2 Dutch Days Zonnemaire o Zonnemaire Gemeente Schouven-Duiveland Du Stern in meiner Nudelsuppe Pas op Kinderen Let op Drempels Geef ritser ruimte Ga terug Verse Kerse U kunt hier niet naar binnen Lekker geslapt Pittig ontbijt Fietsverhuur maar waar verstopt Verse patat haal je hier Word jij onze nieuwe collega Proef onze nieuwe verse frietgerechten Verboden op de brug te klimmen O kijk, dat zijn die oude platen Heerlijke hartige en zoete lekkernijen
an unsettling poem (translated with Google Translator several times from Italian into about twenty different languages and back to Italian) in sundanese (Indonesian part of Java). LeMoN Ngadangukeun abdi, lulusan penyair Mung tutuwuhan dipindahkeun jarang dipaké ngaran: boxwood, ligands atanapi acanthus. keur kuring abdi resep jalan grassy Kuring aya di puddles sushi budak satengah garing Sababaraha belut langka: jalan anu nuturkeun ciglioni, mindahkeun antara trstev squatting tur nyimpen di Kebon Raya lemon. gazzarre manuk hadé extinguish aranjeunna ngelek bulao nu: leuwih jelas, noise hurung dahan ramah di hawa, nu hese mindahkeun, jeung itungan ambu anu moal bisa turun lantai na hujan hujan ngagalura dina dada. Di dieu aya sababaraha fun markisa miraculously, perang téh jempé, Di dieu nyaeta bagian tina riches urang salaku goréng kami tur éta ambeu lemon. Dina tiiseun kieu ningali hal nyerah tur muncul nutup dileupaskeun rusiah na panganyarna Kadangkala kacida ieu rencanana Manggihan kasalahan Alam, karuksakan dunya, cingcin, nu teu masalahna, thread pikeun panipuan, anu tungtungna brings kami di tengah kaleresan. Sigana digs, diajar pikiran perjangjian anu torn nu aroma nu nyebar nalika poé luhur. Di handap ieu mangrupakeun tiiseun nu urang tingali dina unggal kalangkang manusa nu shifts sulpat melang. Tapi ilusi nu geus leungit tur brings kami deui waktu nu di tempat ribut dimana eta dipintonkeun a bulao ngan dina potongan di luhur, antara tembok. Ti dieu, hujan ragrag bumi; affolta nu usum imah, Lampu janten Irakus - a jiwa pait. Nalika poé tutup-panto diantara tangkal di pakarangan némbongkeun hiji lemon konéng; sarta haté tiis geus béak, na dada urang nungkulan lagu maranéhanana emas gusti katiisan.


released June 15, 2018

PROGRAM NOTES : This volume of Sound Poetry was created using a simple criteria - Contributors were asked to send me material for a sound poem ( Including Image for their tracks, in some cases this is reflective of the material, and in others it is the source of the sound / the poem itself - ) to be read on a " First Blush " reading on my part - That is to say, as much as possible I've tried to avoid looking at the text prior to my recording of it.
The recordings of course were subsequently manipulated & in some cases multiple vocal tracks were recorded, but I've alway tried to preserve the spirit of that first encounter with the reading of the material.
I find it very interesting indeed that some of the sounds heard here were generated by traditional text, while others were image based & some have elements of both.

How Nice !
I would like to thank all our contributors for trusting in this process, and feel like there is some fine material to be had here,

CAVEAT : There are several languages represented here ( In addition to english ) - These include Dutch, Indonesian, & Ukrainian - It is my intent to approach all these languages ( Including & perhaps especially english ) from a strictly sound poem point of view. The fact that I am a mono-lingual and am approaching all of these with a first time reading / recording is a flat out assurance that there is mutilation of language on this album. Please be advised that this is in no way intended to disrespect the proper use of these languages, and is in no way meant to be taken as anything but sound source for the poetic sound explosions contained within - I'm sure most people who are reading this are aware of the tradition & conventions of sound poetry, but I feel like I must point out that is my perspective here out of respect to all the native speakers of these languages )

Cover Image : Dr. John M. Bennett
LUNA BISONTE PRODS - www.johnmbennett.net




{AN} Eel Toronto, Ontario

(AN) EeL is all over the map. An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe. He Make Ood Thiings, You Knoww.w>....

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