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eel prongs

by Bim Prongs & {AN} EeL



AnEel and Bim Prongs

Track 1: Synaptic Tinphonic Ungent Dodecahedrons, Occasionally

Wire tension steam escapes as insect wing song from the chair. Drill bits break through metal plates. Guitars rumble through the train tunnel and castanet bicycle. Who’s that cat? Mumbling keys? Watch out for the snorkel rug animal hijinks and ping pong turkey. What grandma knows. The pomegranate lettuce factory engine. Just who is that bird call turntable wet tuba tape deck fridge echo iron light switch? Door alarm cone says so, maverick duck cloud across the balsa wood walks, in cymbal wheels and mouth gumball. Then a sudden hillside in any direction to Funky Town Ridge…after that bell.

Track 2: Leaning Imperceptibly, Voracious Egret

Catch the teapot! It’s that door--guitar door throat umpire ledge. A toy guitar drags behind a sack of car rims, a game glitch submarine stretch, rice paper crumble siren mouth rag & moth submarine. Shredder tube weathervane duster orc wind plexi: Eleven minutes of rain. Ticker tape amps listen and leap. A sleeping mouse slips through the wall, an utter string engine lathe. Swill grebe horns, blue twister dog. Lava laser spine arch. Clover light, glass ears and winter soprano--that pine cone piano so tall--and a card trick tongue.

~ C.R.W.



released February 28, 2019

BIM PRONGS : recordism.com
{AN} EeL : panpanpanaviandistresscall.bandcamp.com




{AN} Eel Toronto, Ontario

(AN) EeL is all over the map. An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe. He Make Ood Thiings, You Knoww.w>....


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