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Now More Than Ever

by V/A: Various Activists

A nation is divided against itself And we pretend we’re still standing Branding everything and placing it on the shelf Branding everyone and placing them on someone else Revolt Pennies saved, pennies earned, money hoarders have sold mankind Revolt Wooden nickels are worth more than the nickel and diming they do to you Revolt A species is divided against itself We kill each other where we stand Take our lives and place them on the shelf Sold to the highest bidder, united we brand Revolt A cycle, a revolution, the cycle of revolution
You sold the tools of their doom, To satisfy your greed, Now you close down your borders, Condemn them to bleed, In-between, A locked door and a loaded gun. Blood on your hands, Which won't come clean, But one day you'll bleed, Locked door loaded gun.
Pendro - NMW 04:28
THE AMERICAN WAY i don’t know about you friend, but i don’t like what i’m seeing down along the southern border near Mexico they’re taking little children from their mothers and fathers can you even imagine ah but what’s that you say? you saying you already know? but what kinda nation would do such a thing what kinda nation i say what about what they wrote on that Statue of Liberty is this the American way? now just imagine the kind of fear and desperation that’s enough to make people pack up their children and try to cross that dangerous border in the night can’t you see we’re talking ‘bout people trying to get their precious babies to somewhere far away far away from murder and war and violence and unspeakable fright and then what kinda nation would then turn around and take these people’s children away what about what they wrote on that Statue of Liberty is this the American way? let's tell it like it is this is Nazism, man ain’t nothin else to call it you know except this time it ain’t the Jews and the Gypsies this time the target is Latino if they can get enough Americans to believe that taking children from their mamas is alright then they’ve got the people primed to accept most anything like the extinguishing of freedom’s light now you might say no, not in America ah but look at the people ready to say say never mind what they wrote on that Statue of Liberty this is the American way, the American way words and music Copyright 2018 Samm Bennett / All Rights Reserved.
#PROTESTIERER Warum gibt es Protestierer? Es sind im Lebens die Verlierer. Wo andere im Reichtum schwimmen, da kˆnnen sie nichts mehr gewinnen. Sie zw‰ngen sich in enge Zimmer und hoffen, dass es wird nicht schlimmer. Die Kohle fehlt, das Geld ist knapp; es geht seit langem nur bergab. Und Arbeit gibt es nicht f¸r sie. Das ‰ndert sich nicht irgendwie. So hˆren sie auf die Propheten, wenn kommen die ganz ungebeten. Protest macht nun allein nicht satt. Doch findet wenigstens was statt. Und jeder Schrei aus tr¸ber Brust, verschafft dem ƒrmsten etwas Lust. Er wird dabei nicht viel riskieren. Er hat ja echt nichts zu verlieren. Denn schlimmer kann es doch nicht werden: Das Los der Armut hier auf Erden. EINEN SCH÷NEN TAG! (c) Klaus Kurt Lˆffler
I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out for the title, that being the late, great ED ANGER who had a column in the World Weekly New's ( A Scandalous tabloid that regularly covered weird territory, Imaginary & Totally Scandalous, Fortean stuff ( Spaceships, Bigfoot, Two headed babies, Ect, ) including said column, MY AMERICA which was usually some sort of provocative / jingoistic rant / screed that at the time seemed almost cartoonish. What a difference a day makes huh ? Here we are in the future, the whole WORLD WEEKLY NEWS tabloid has vanished, and could never cut it in this climate. Hell, the whole of the media looks like the world weekly news these days. I miss the old stye fake news... Sigh. May you live in interesting times ~ May you live in interesting times ~ May you live in interesting times ~ May you live in interesting times ~ May you live in interesting times ~ May you live in interesting times ~ May you live in interesting times ~


There's an old curse that goes - MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES - Well my friends, we are certainly there.

It's almost a matter of finding something not to protest - Something not so abnormal or off the scale batshit crazy - Some semblance of normalcy, of due process.
But innocents are plowed down, people in authority revel in their own duplicity, and those we should be able to turn to routinely abuse their powers. But , as the saying goes, - Enough is Enough !
You have to draw the line somewhere - Maybe it will be further there for you or less there for me, maybe your truth is a path of peace maybe your reality is a molotov cocktail, there's a lot of possibilities out there. But the main thing is, for the sake of your heart, daresay for the sake of your eternal well being, you have to feel for SOMETHING and draw the line SOMEWHERE -

I'd like to thank all the artists that contributed - Your vision & voices are amazing !

I'd like to thank all my friends who work for social justice for the effort they take - So many of them do so much more that I ever will, I applaud & salute you ~!

It seems like a really difficult battle, but remember the other saying -


Summer, 2018 - Ontario, Canada - { AN } EeL


released September 11, 2018

Cover Art : {AN} EeL




{AN} Eel Toronto, Ontario

(AN) EeL is all over the map. An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe. He Make Ood Thiings, You Knoww.w>....


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