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A cut up, based on the text sent by W.A. Davison which was in itself text from call for submissions tralanorsaformaled by W.A.Davison, May 23, 2018


from A Poetry of Sound ( Vol ?​?​? ), released June 15, 2018

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Interstrumatentations plarpiticularnly irnadenterelested norn.
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Andaltothonugh atacapacept trandiculational pronetics.
Trelextics shubifficiently whelpirdu dingusancontickerlating worulade.
Eveberalyone clonteributates trexticon.
Regarodon althanso corntribucate ilmactage alpinteranatively.
Instrupactions creldaten ilthoomage indiclupisaded.
Tralmick parniticipants creladipulated.
Wishtu torexicate slubomiltamated.

- Retke call for submissions text tralanorsaformaled by W.A.Davison, May 23, 2018

Text : W.A.Davison
Image : W.A.Davison
Sound : {AN} EeL




{AN} Eel Toronto, Ontario

(AN) EeL is all over the map. An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe. He Make Ood Thiings, You Knoww.w>....

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