Awkward Geisha / {AN} EeL - Sonnet for a Fallen Swan

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Awkward Geisha / {AN} EeL


Geisha geisha, full of grace. Gracious graceful grace geisha. Bouncing on pockets of velvet Sand. The elephants are revolving. Revolving. Devolving. That surely must be a metaphor for... for... four is the number of geishas that wondered the land looking for some kind of peace. A piece of peaceful solitude. Revolting? Revolution now! Hail the new skin of the goddess of time! Hail the lonely temptress that guided the blind unto the rivers of death. For she is an awkward temptress. A guiding light in the valley of doom. The game? A game? Surely no gain? Not again? Be still oh feeble mankind, and let her guide you to a richer, prosperous life. A life full of eastern promise. A bit like Turkish delight, but not as velvety. The kimono catches the wind and flutters in the dark. It is a kind kimono. Not a kimono. Feel the wind oh precious butterfly. May the geisha live on in your hearts. The hearts of lions. Elephant seals. Sealing the fate of the human race. No haste. Be safe.


from A Poetry of Sound ( Vol ?​?​? ), released June 15, 2018
Text : Awkward Geisha
Sound : {AN} EeL




{AN} Eel Toronto, Ontario

(AN) EeL is all over the map. An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe. He Make Ood Thiings, You Knoww.w>....

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